Every skin is individual. That is why our treatments always begin with an extensive analysis. Let us pamper you all around and enjoy our salon extras such as Pre- & After-Retreat, combination packages or innovative materials. Products from the sustainable care line Comfortzone or the active ingredient cosmetics from Reviderm are optionally used.
Enjoy the perfect combination of innovative treatment techniques and massages. Each treatment begins with the Tranquillity™ welcome ritual, which promotes relaxation of body and soul and increases the effectiveness of the treatment. In addition to genetic factors, your lifestyle also affects your skin condition and health. Our lifestyle tips will keep your skin healthy and your body feeling re-energised.

Clean your Skin

professional deep cleansing of the skin. This creates the basis for a clear complexion and finer pores.
The treatment is the perfect solution of skin irritations, impurities and to prevent the development of acne.
Clean your Skin provides the foundation for a healthy skin structure and specifically incorporates individual needs in each treatment step.

Anti-Aging Facial

Power regeneration for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.
Luxurious active ingredient cosmetics are used with professional know-how.
In particular, the rich combination of peeling and serum has a lasting effect as an anti-aging miracle. This is fundamental for a new, long-lasting dynamic that works throughout the face, giving it radiance and tightening the contours.

Hydra Facial

Intensive moisturizing care against dry, tired and sallow skin.
Many factors cause dehydration and can weaken the skin barrier in many ways. In addition to restoring the skin's moisture balance and natural radiance, the Hydra treatment also counteracts premature skin aging. Damage that has occurred can be reduced here with the appropriate intensive care consisting of peeling, serum and mask and lead to a long-lasting protective effect.


individual care program for the current needs of the skin.
An exciting time begins and this needs special care and attention. Here we pamper skin and soul with a care program according to personal wishes - soothing and relaxing for the Mom-To-Be.


special care program for a beautiful back.
Stress and strain in everyday life provide a high demand for care for our back. With a special cleansing treatment, the skin structure is strengthened, carefully cared for and prepared for the coming everyday life - can also be combined with one of our massages.

Eye Treatment

individual intensive care for the demanding eye area, which needs special care.
Short nights, stress, screen work in the office - normal everyday life leaves its traces. With the right treatment of serum, pads and care, we provide the sensitive skin around the eyes and achieve a radiantly beautiful look.


A controlled intensive peeling gives a luxurious care update. Thanks to efficient use of microcrystals, a smooth and delicate skin relief is guaranteed. The skin is stimulated in such a way that it initiates crucial processes of self-regeneration and provides anti-aging and optimization of the skin standard.
In the treatment, microcrystals are blasted onto the skin at high speed and then sucked out by a vacuum. It is freed and can breathe again. Immediately after the treatment the skin is noticeably firmer, smoother and finer. Wrinkles appear softened.


The finest ultrasound waves provide a micro-massage of the tissue and thus stimulate blood circulation and cell metabolism. Elastin and collagen is formed and at the same time reduces redness and irritation. Ultrasound treatment optimally prepares the skin for the subsequent care and can be infiltrated deeper into the skin layers.
In addition, it is a true detoxification miracle. Because pollutants are better drained through the lymphatic channels.

Microdermabrasion & Ultrasound

In combination, a true detoxification program for sustainable cosmetic luxury care is created. By removing the hyperkeratosis by means of microdermabrasion, the efficiency of the ultrasound treatment increases significantly.

Micro needling

With micro needling, the skin is treated on the surface with ultra-fine needles without stressing it. The skin's resistance is strengthened and cell division is stimulated for a fine-pored and smoother appearance. Wrinkles, pigmentation spots and scars are visibly reduced and the complexion appears plumper and more radiant. A cosmetic innovation that works with natural skin regulation processes, as well as boosting the skin's own collagen, elastane and hyaluron production.

Observe skin analysis

With image-based skin analysis, the Observ provides a clear understanding of skin condition across all skin layers.
Scanning the skin layers reveals weak points that are not apparent on the skin surface. This allows us to address, for example, a deep-seated imbalance or future problems more efficiently with treatment methods.
By saving the images and a regular skin analysis, successes and improvements can be shown.

Shaping eyebrows

We bring your eyebrows into shape and correct them according to your individual style.

Eyebrows tinting

We support your natural look and give your eyebrows more intense expression with new colour and shape correction.

Tinting eyelashes

For an eye look in a class of its own. This eyelash treatment will give you a stronger expression and more refresh look without any mascara. We emphasize your eyes to match eyebrows and natural style.


With innovation to a more skin-friendly hair removal promises our Sugaring Treatment. The application removes hair in the direction of growth. Thanks to the sugar paste, is gentle to the skin and disinfecting at the same time, thus counteracting skin irritation.

Eyelash lift incl. tinting

Everyday luxury thanks to natural perfection. For an enchanting eyelash curl and open eye look, completely without makeup, your own eyelashes are brought into shape with the help of 2 lotions and a silicone bar, even additionally coloured if desired. Suitable for everyday life, summer months, vacations or visits to the public swimming pools. Durability approx. 4-6 weeks.

Brow lifting incl. tinting

For contour, fullness and professional shaping, we give your eyebrows a luxurious upgrade. Brow Lifting bends fine hairs upwards semi-permanently and draws fuller and more effective volume into your eyebrow shape with captivating subtlety. Lasting approx. 4-6 weeks.


Out of tension, into relaxation - Our expert massages loosen muscles, lift spirits and give you new energy. Let yourself be renewed by our holistic body-soul program: We take care of your soul's well-being with anamnesis consultation, pre & post massage retreat and luxurious products in a tranquil atmosphere. Our trained professional staff guarantees wellness and care at spa level.

Back massage

The spine bears the strains of everyday life. It is therefore all the more important to release blockages in the back and to know that it is being cared for preventively thanks to our simple wellness massage.

Head,-neck massage

Support for head and neck - Counteract stress with our block-relieving, simple wellness massage.

Hand massage

A tribute to our hands - pure wellness in a small feel-good and care program for stressed fingers and hand muscles. (Can also be combined with other services).

Foot massage

Sit back and unwind after stressful days. We care for and relax your toes and soles with gentle massage techniques.

Aromatic oil massage

A massage for all senses - depending on your emotional well-being, we restore your balance. Not only on a physical level, but especially for your soul healing we relax muscles and knots with supporting aroma oil therapy for regeneration and new energy.

Contouring massage

Relaxing contouring for luxurious tightening and purifiying. Using various grip techniques, we provide your skin and tissue with new energy and guarantee an immediate effect.

Pregnancy massage

Exclusive service for a special occasion - With gentle pregnancy massage we release you from tension and stress in the back. Special care gives prevention and well-being feeling against stress symtoms and softening stretch marks.

Tranquility Pro Sleep - full body massage

When the chaotic rhythm of life, stress and lack of sleep touch your emotions, vitality and beauty, it's time for Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Massage.
A treatment developed in collaboration with scientists to address three senses: smell, touch and hearing. The treatment brings us to a state of sleep, giving a complete feeling of deep relaxation, balance and renewed energy.
The ideal treatment for stress and insomnia. An experience of complete well-being for body and soul.


Press event, premiere evening, wedding, birthday party or just a occasion? We unleash your radiance!

Everyday make up

A radiant look to perfect your beauty, from natural to glamorous. Small imperfections are concealed according to skin type with our high-quality, vegan products.

Make up evening

Set the right tone with an expressive makeup! We give your outfit a colour-intensive look accordingly, which captivates with beauty and perfection. Small imperfections are concealed or evened out with our high-quality, vegan products according to type.

eyelash extensions

From natural to glamour, we support your make-up with a stylish eye look! Individually glued eyelashes promise an individual result for short-term occasions.


Beautiful feet have, not only in the summer season. We bring your nails in top shape and pamper the skin with high-quality oils. According to your needs, we advise type and offer discretion and full beauty service in our own private room.

Spa pedicure

A classic for your needs - With a small massage and foot bath beforehand, our spa pedicure counteracts stressed feet and removes cuticles and calluses to shape and effectively maintain your nails.

Luxury spa pedicure incl. peeling, paraffin wax or masque, cream

Well-deserved retreat for demanding feet. Muscles and joints deserve nothing but luxury after stressful day and long events. With our luxury spa pedicure in advance, we put a special care extra on top with peeling, paraffin bath or masque and fragrant creams.

Paint nails

Style and colour all the way. Perfect your toenails to match your fingernails and overall look or set a radiant highlight with eye-catching colours true to your style.


Our hands are always in action. And always in view. That's why professional nail care is a must. Whether with or without varnish, each of our manicures is done after a holistic skin analysis and professional consultation.

Spa manicure

A basic in terms of nail & hand care - the spa manicure includes, in addition to a special cleaning in advance, shaping the natural nail, care of the cuticle and, if necessary, varnishing (extra service). We use only vegan lacquers.

Luxury Spa Manicure

High quality and all-embracing, we add a few luxurious extras to the spa manicure - a gentle hand peeling removes old skin flakes and on the one hand prevents dry hands ( especially in winter ), on the other hand we prolong the effect of the manicure thanks to nourishing and moisturizing masque or paraffin bath application. Hand massage included.

Luxury spa manicure with varnish

Cleansing, care, luxurious masques & massage - what more do our stressed hands want? A dash of extra colour! So we give your luxury manicure a type-appropriate highlight, incl. advice for special occasions or long-lasting care in everyday life.

Paint nails

Effective colour design thanks to high quality perfection work. Our hands are our business card. Existing 3 steps, base coat - varnish - top coat, provide protection for the nail from colour and discolouration on the one hand, and protection of the colour application from external influences for a long-lasting shine. We use only vegan varnishes.


Make a statement with your favorite colour and choose innovative Shellac for a long-lasting result! With classic manicure as a base, Shellac is applied to the nails, which is more durable as a UV varnish and impresses with extra colour-intensive shine.

Shellac peel

Do you want a different style or a new colour trend? We help to remove the shellac with the help of a professional cutter or remover. Plus final manicure, as desired.

New modelage

Nails according to your wishes and dreams? No problem, because with gel we strengthen your natural nails professionally and long-lasting. Whether an extension of the nail or an elegant change of shape, we promise gentle work with high quality products. Thanks to regular refilling, about every 3-4 weeks, we maintain your look true to style and sustainable. Including individual consultation.

Removal of the modelage

New style against old look? We help with the removal of the modeling through professional milling and filing to the closing of the natural nail with the help of a thin layer of gel and a nourishing manicure afterwards.

Japanese manicure

Eastern beauty secrets promise luxurious top care. With the help of beeswax during the classic manicure is worked into the nail and closed with special talc. Especially preventive for everyday frequent hand washing and disinfecting, as well as for brittle nails. The shine lasts up to 2 weeks.
Hair by Sandra von Gneisenau Salon


We know the trends, but always advise individually to suit the structure of your hair and style. Our goal? A look that shows off your type to its best advantage. Leave your everyday life behind and relax at our welcome ritual with personal advice. As trendsetters, we are always one step ahead of the times, but remain specialized especially in classic, natural looks and cuts. In this way, we ensure naturalness all along the line, true to type and personality.

Cut / Styling

We offer individual advice and cuts to fit your lifestyle. Precisely we transform your ideas into sustainable and long-lasting cuts with many styling options.

Blow dry / styling

Whether natural everyday hairstyle or stunning glamour styling, we perfect your hairstyle according to occasion and preferences.

Hair care

Professional hair care is the quintessence of natural shine and bounce and must be adapted to the individual hair needs. We recommend and advise according to your hair type.

Newsha Rescue Care

Exclusive care to repair and restore the individual hair structure. Through structure and keratin build-up, your hair volume is preserved and porous hair is sustainably restored in a healthy way.


Special hair colours we choose together with you according to hair type, imagination and your personality. Our standard promises gentle colouring and high quality vegan colour selection.


For professional tinting we advise holistically according to type and your personal style. Our standard offers a gentle tinting process with high quality, vegan colour.


We give your hair radiant naturalness and optimal colour transitions with exclusive balayage colouring. With type-specific advice, we perfect your individual wishes in terms of suitable gradient and colour contrast. In this way, we guarantee a long-lasting look that retains its naturalness in the best possible way with the help of gentle outgrowth and soft transitions.


True to type and style, we advise you on highlights to provide the right highlights for your hairstyle. Thanks to foil weaves and freehand techniques, we perfect the result with stronger lightening options as well as hair-protecting, softer colour gradients and transitions.


Our hair glossing gives new shine and extra luminosity. Depending on your needs, the process provides fine, shimmering colour enhancement or shading against unwanted colour casts. The gentle application has a lasting effect for particularly natural shine effects.

Tape Extensions (Hairtalk)

Tape extensions for a luxurious hair change - High quality, durable real hair extensions guarantee hair lengthening as well as hair thickening in a class of its own. Thanks to high quality and gentle adhesive, even with multiple use (up to 3 times) the hair structure is protected, even with particularly fine hair.


Elegant, stylish, classic or rather fancy and imaginative? With our updos you set the trend, suitable for any occasion.

Men - shampooing / cutting / blow dry / styling

For the classic or modern gentleman at home - Professional, type-appropriate cuts include shampooing, cutting, blow-drying and styling with customized cutting technique (machine, scissors). Professional type consultation and styling tips are on top.

The Salon Kita

We want you to be able to relax. And regardless of whether your babysitter has time at the moment. That's why we offer free childcare for the duration of your stay at the salon.