Hair Botox Anti Frizz with hair smoothing effect
Men - wash / cut / blow dry / style

Hair Botox Light Anti Frizz with hair smoothing effect

Discover Hair Botox (Light), your quick solution for revitalized and radiant hair. This compact offering gives you the benefits of our proven Hair Botox treatment from Velvacrown's premium product line in an abbreviated format, ideal for those with busy schedules or for special occasions where you want to be the center of attention quickly.

The treatment revitalizes and repairs your hair, softens it, gives it a natural shine and offers optional smoothing, all in a shorter period of time. The effect lasts 3 to 6 weeks, giving you the flexibility to update your look as needed. Although the treatment is faster, we guarantee the same premium quality and care you can expect from our salon. By adding proteins, amino acids and vitamins, the hair quality is improved and the smoothing effect can be made stronger or weaker as required. Hair is easier to blow-dry and frizz does not return so quickly when it is moisturized, so you can shine with confident and beautiful hair anytime, anywhere.

You can also find out more about Hair Botox and the difference to other hair treatments in our online magazine.

Treatment profile

Revitalized, functional, shiny, repaired and beautiful hair that is easier to blow-dry and frizz does not return so quickly when moisturized
How long does the result last
Lasts 3-6 weeks
Treatment duration
Up to 2 hours, depending on hair texture
Socially acceptable
Immediately after the treatment.
Suitable for
To refresh a Botox treatment and for short-term effects (e.g. at weddings) or for those who want to experience the effect for the first time
Not suitable for
Persons under 16 years
Before treatment
No natural and henna dyes in the hair 4-6 weeks beforehand
During treatment
May cause mild reactions on sensitive skin
After treatment
No henna and natural dyes for 14 days; no chlorine and salt water for 14 days; do not wash for 24 hours
May cause slight reactions on sensitive skin, but this is harmless
130 - 180 €


For the best care and durability of Hair Botox (Light), we recommend using Velvacrown products. Products from the drugstore can affect the result and should be avoided. A consultation is advisable before the treatment. For a lasting effect, a refresher treatment with Hair Botox (Light) is recommended after two to three months. Blow-drying the hair activates the products and improves the end result compared to air-drying.


As with the standard Hair Botox treatment, we also rely on the tried-and-tested Velvacrown brand, which offers products specially developed for Hair Botox.

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