Partners in beauty

With us, your beauty experience takes center stage. We place great emphasis on quality, exclusivity and individual attention to provide you with an exceptional care experience. Our range includes carefully selected products that reflect our values and our promise to you. Each and every product we carry has been selected with the utmost care to provide you with only the best. Our value proposition is based on the following principles:

High-quality ingredients
focus on products that contain high-quality ingredients and have been developed with innovative technologies. These ensure optimal care results and support your beauty routine at the highest level.

product range includes renowned brands known for their exclusivity and quality. Every brand we carry stands for luxury and first-class care experiences.

Individual care
us, you are the center of attention. Our experienced experts will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right products for your individual needs. We want to ensure that you receive the best possible care and achieve your beauty goals.

Holistic approach
believe in the importance of a holistic approach to beauty.

Discover the world of high quality skincare products with us. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional beauty experience.

Hair cosmetics

Varis, subsidiary of KAO Group, supplies high quality styling tools. Partner of the Sandra von Gneisenau Salon.
Oribe: Luxury hair care inspired by star hairstylist Oribe Canales. Quality for hair beauty. Partner of Sandra von Gneisenau Salon.
La Biosthétique: Luxury cosmetics based on scientific research. Partner of the Sandra von Gneisenau Salon.
Hairtalk: expertise in hair extensions & thickening. High quality & natural. Unfold your beauty at Sandra von Gneisenau Salon.
ghd: British hair styling innovation since 2001. Salon quality for the home. Available at Sandra von Gneisenau Salon.
Redken: Hair care since 1960. member of L'Oréal, combines science & sustainability. Partner of Sandra von Gneisenau Salon.
Newsha: Luxurious hair care with natural ingredients. For healthy & radiant hair. Proud partner of the Sandra von Gneisenau Salon.

Manicure & Pedicure

LCN: Over 30 years of expertise in cosmetics. Specialist in nail modeling & comprehensive care. Partner of the Sandra von Gneisenau Salon.
abc Nailstore: world-class nail design under the direction of T. Merkl. Experience top cosmetics at Sandra von Gneisenau Salon.

Active ingredient & natural cosmetics

Comfort Zone: Italian skin care art since 1996. Science meets nature. Now at Sandra von Gneisenau Salon.
Reviderm: Medically inspired skin care since 1986. expertise in microdermabrasion & anti-aging. Quality partner of Sandra von Gneisenau Salon.

Decorative cosmetics

Stagecolor Cosmetics: Professional, pigment-rich make-up that emphasizes individuality. Partner of the Sandra von Gneisenau Salon for Quality

Partner & Friends

Famtain Member Club Munich: Exclusivity meets business & lifestyle in the heart of the city, united in a historic atmosphere.
Intercoiffure Mondial Germany represents Germany's elite hairdressers, sets high standards and promotes education and creativity in the industry.