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Kryolan is a renowned partner in the field of professional make-up products that has been in business for over 75 years. The family business, founded by Arnold Langer, specializes in the production of high-quality make-up for theater, film and television.

Corporate philosophy

Kryolan's philosophy is to create products by make-up artists for make-up artists. They stand for tradition, craftsmanship and high-quality product innovation that focuses on the needs and wishes of professionals in the make-up sector.

Products and services

The Kryolan range includes a wide range of make-up products, including primers, concealers, lipsticks, mascara and special effect products. These are specially designed for use in professional applications to ensure maximum performance and durability.


Kryolan attaches great importance to the quality and manufacture of its products. The products are manufactured in the company's own production facilities, whereby strict quality controls and the use of high-quality ingredients are paramount.

Joint projects

The use in our services

Products in our services

In our beauty salon, we mainly use Kryolan products for make-up. They are used to offer our customers professional make-up looks for special occasions or for everyday use.

Our relationship

Why we have chosen the partner

For us, Kryolan means products that offer the high quality and variety we promise our customers. Their decades of experience and commitment to innovation are reflected in every product, enabling us to offer first-class make-up services.