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Out of tension, into relaxation. At our salon, massage is not just considered an occasional luxury, but an integral part of a holistic wellness program. Our expert massages not only loosen muscles and promote circulation, but also lift spirits and give new energy. The spectrum of our offer is broad and ranges from the classic wellness massage to the specialized relaxation massage to the aroma-roma massage, Sculptural Face Lift Massage and Tranquillity Pro Sleep Massage.

A detailed anamnesis interview precedes every treatment so that we can optimally adapt the respective massage to your needs. To accompany the massages, we offer a Pre & After Massage Retreat, which uses luxurious products and a tranquil atmosphere to provide a holistic wellness experience.
Double massage therapy in process: one person receives the relaxing Tranquillity Pro Sleep massage, while another person enjoys the soothing Aroma Oil full body massage. Both applications show the variety of our massage offers.

Tranquillity Pro Sleep - full body massage

Experience deep relaxation with our Tranquillity Pro-Sleep full body massage for body and soul.

Sculptural Facelift Massage

Experience natural skin rejuvenation with Sculptural Facelift Massage. Renewed, rejuvenated, radiant.

Aroma oil massage

Experience a wellness break with our aromatic oil massage. Relaxation, relief and regeneration

Hand massage

Treat your hands wellness with our hand massage. Promotes relaxation, blood circulation and improves general condition.

Back massage

Enjoy deep relaxation, pure well-being and a revitalizing time-out with our professional back massage.

Head, neck massage

Relax with our head and neck massage. Relieves tension, improves circulation and promotes well-being.

Pregnancy massage

Experience special care with our pregnancy massage: relaxation and relief for you and your unborn child
With us, the focus is on the person in his entirety. Our wide range of massages allows us to address the needs of each individual. Our experts use not only their expertise but also their intuition to create a holistic experience that goes far beyond simply relieving muscle tension. Allow yourself the time to do something good for your body and soul, and let us whisk you away to a world of relaxation and well-being. Experience with us the comprehensive range of possibilities that the world of massages has to offer and immerse yourself in an unforgettable feeling of well-being.