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Back massage

Our spine carries the weight of our lives every day. Stress and tension can accumulate here and lead to discomfort. With our back massage, we offer you the opportunity to release these blockages and achieve a state of deep relaxation.

A back massage with us includes intensive and deep working of all muscles in the back, neck, shoulder and arm area. Questions such as "What is the process of a back massage?" or "What happens during a back massage?" are usually answered individually, as we tailor the treatment to your specific needs. What you can expect, however, is significant pain relief, elimination of tension and release of adhesions.

Regular back massage every 2-3 weeks can help prevent physical discomfort and improve overall condition. Take care of your well-being and book your first treatment today.

Treatment profile

Relaxation & Relief
How long does the result last
Varies, depending on individual condition
Treatment duration
30-40 minutes
Socially acceptable
Immediately after treatment
Suitable for
This service is suitable for everyone and applicable without specific restrictions.
Not suitable for
Not suitable for people with certain health restrictions (please always seek advice beforehand).
Before treatment
Please inform us about any health problems.
During treatment
Relax and take a deep breath.
After treatment
Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins that have been released.
Not suitable for people with certain health restrictions (please always seek advice beforehand).
45 €


Take time for yourself regularly to avoid physical discomfort. Exercise, relaxation through wellness massages and sufficient sleep improve the general condition.

Ensure balanced exercise and ergonomic sitting in everyday life to prevent tension in the back.

Regular back massage every 2-3 weeks can help relieve tension and improve general condition.

Pay attention to a regular balanced training of the whole body


During the back massage we use high quality products from Comfort Zone. These products are specially designed for wellness treatments and provide a pleasant massage experience. With their gentle formulation and valuable ingredients, they contribute to the relaxation and regeneration of the back.

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