Where beauty happens

Beautiful and well-groomed feet are a must for feeling good, regardless of the season. Our experts get your nails in top shape with our professional pedicure and pamper your skin with high-quality care products and oils. We pay special attention to adapting the treatment to your individual foot care needs. A careful analysis and consultation are therefore an integral part of every pedicure.

Our own separee offers the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed and discreet treatment. At the same time, we pay attention to the highest hygiene standards for every treatment

Spa pedicure, luxury pedicure incl. peeling, kerosene bath/mask and cream or our pedicure with long-lasting and shiny Shellac lacquer - we offer various options to meet the individual needs and wishes of our customers for professional pedicure.
Pedicure treatment in action: a foot is carefully rubbed with a refreshing exfoliating paste and exfoliated to reveal soft and renewed skin.

Spa pedicure

Enjoy a pedicure for silky smooth feet. Luxury, relaxation and professional pedicure for your pure well-being!

Spa luxury pedicure (incl. peeling, paraffin bath/masque, cream)

Experience luxury and well-being with our luxury pedicure. More than a treatment - a wellness experience. Feel the difference!

Spa pedicure with shellac

Give your feet the gift of pure luxury with our spa pedicure, including long-lasting and glossy Shellac polish.

Paint nails

Let your feet shine! Transform your nails into small works of art with a professional pedicure and polish.
Our pedicure services go far beyond the simple cutting and shaping of nails. We place great emphasis on the selection of high-quality products and the professional know-how of our experts to ensure that your feet are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also deeply relaxed. With us, you will receive detailed advice and customized foot care to ensure that your feet can shine in every situation. In addition, we will also give you valuable tips for home care, so that the feeling of well-being lasts for a long time and you can always appear with confidence.