Spa pedicure
Paint nails

Spa pedicure with shellac

Enjoy the feeling of silky smooth feet with perfectly painted nails. Discover the art of foot care with Shellac, which is more than just a cosmetic luxury.

Our pedicure service begins with a relaxing foot bath that gently cleanses your feet and prepares them perfectly for the treatment ahead. Then our qualified therapists remove dead skin cells, especially in difficult areas such as the heel and big toe, to improve the appearance and well-being of your feet. A professional buffing of the nails not only adds an attractive shine, but also stimulates blood circulation, which is crucial for nail growth and overall nail health. The final step is the application of shellac polish, which provides a high-gloss and long-lasting result. We offer a wide range of nail polish colors to customize your pedicure for any season or occasion.

Pamper yourself with a professional pedicure with shellac, which will not only improve the appearance and health of your feet, but also give you a soothing break from the stress of everyday life.

Treatment profile

Soft, well-groomed feet and beautifully shaped and polished nails
How long does the result last
Up to 4 weeks
Treatment duration
approx. 60 minutes
Socially acceptable
Immediately after treatment
Suitable for
Anyone who wants to care for and pamper their feet
Not suitable for
People with foot infections or skin diseases
Before treatment
Before this service you do not need to pay attention to anything
During treatment
Relax and enjoy the experience
After treatment
After this service you do not need to pay attention to anything
Minimal risks, possible slight redness after treatment
95 €


Take care of your feet at home: a daily ritual of washing, creaming and massaging helps to maintain the results.

Use foot baths and foot masks: they can help soften the skin and improve circulation.

Take care of your nails: file them regularly and watch for signs of ingrown nails.

Be careful not to use aggressive and acidic products after pedicure


We are all about beauty, quality and sustainability. For this reason, we use only high-quality products from the renowned brands Comfort Zone and Oribe.

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