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Hair extension / hair thickening with braids (Hand-tied wefts)

Discover the world of hair extensions and hair thickening with hand-tied wefts. This particular form of wefts combines aesthetic perfection with sustainable quality. The wefts are suitable for everyday use and have an impressive longevity, with a natural look and a durability of up to one year. With good care and regular adjustments, the life of your Hand-tied Wefts can be extended even further.

Hand-tied wefts are uniquely designed: The particularly thin attachment is almost invisible and blends seamlessly into your natural hair. This method is also particularly gentle on your hair and scalp. This hair extension technique distributes the weight of the hand-tied wefts evenly over a band so that no individual hairs or the scalp are stressed.

We make sure that the braids used are particularly robust and suitable for everyday use. So you can play sports, swim or just enjoy life without worrying about your hair.

The versatility of the Hand-tied Wefts also allows a wide range of styling options. Whether braids, updos or curls - there are no limits to your creativity.

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Treatment profile

Premium hair extensions and voluminous hair thickening thanks to hand-tied wefts.
How long does the result last
Up to one year. Good care and regular raising of the braids every 4 weeks can even extend the shelf life.
Treatment duration
The treatment takes about 1 hour
Socially acceptable
Immediately after the treatment you can show yourself in public. Thanks to the almost invisible hand-tied wefts, the braids blend seamlessly into your natural hair, allowing for a particularly aesthetic result.
Suitable for
Hair extensions and thickening with wefts is universally applicable and does not require any special restrictions.
Not suitable for
This method is universally applicable and does not require any special restrictions.
Before treatment
No special preparations necessary.
During treatment
The treatment should be performed only by qualified personnel.
After treatment
The braids are easy to care for and do not require any special products.
Hair extensions and thickening with wefts does not involve any significant risks.
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To ensure the maximum durability of your braids, it is advisable to have them raised by professionals every 4 weeks. This not only contributes to the longevity of the hair extensions and hair thickening, but also allows a constant quality and appearance.

This form of hair thickening and hair extension does not require any special care. You can and should treat it like your own hair. This includes regular washing, combing and, if necessary, styling. It is advisable to always blow-dry the hair, as wet hair is very sensitive and breaks quickly. A silk pillow can protect your hair from friction and breakage at night. When styling, you should always use a heat protectant to protect your hair from excessive heat, preferably one that is clean beauty certified.

Although wefts are less sensitive than other methods, it is always good to use suitable shampoos or treatments. This not only protects the wefts, but also your own hair. Before you go into the sea or chlorinated water, you should use a conditioning spray and put your hair up. After swimming, you should shampoo your hair immediately and treat it with a conditioner.

Another tip is to use hair masks regularly to deeply condition your hair from the inside. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and do not overdo the application time to prevent your hair from swelling when wet.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the care of your wefts, don't hesitate to take advantage of our professional help and advice. We can provide valuable tips tailored to your specific needs and hair type.


For the first-class quality of our hand-tied wefts, we rely exclusively on proven products from Simpliehair. These are characterized by their high robustness and durability and perfectly complement our portfolio in the field of hair extensions and hair thickening.

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