New modeling with gel (French / varnish) (incl. manicure)

Paint nails

Treat yourself to the shine your hands deserve. Painting your nails is more than just an aesthetic enhancement. It is a meticulous procedure that protects your nails and gives them a long-lasting color.

With us, every nail is treated as a unique work of art, regardless of its length. Our experienced professionals use special techniques and high-quality polishes to give each nail an individual beauty.

Give your hands the elegance and charm they deserve. Book your manicure including nail painting with us and experience the difference a professional manicure can make. Because it's not just about the look - it's about the feeling you get when you know your nails are perfect. We look forward to pampering you.

Treatment profile

The result is perfectly painted nails
How long does the result last
The result lasts up to 2 weeks
Treatment duration
Allow around 60-90 minutes for the treatment
Socially acceptable
You are socially fit immediately after the treatment
Suitable for
The treatment is suitable for all with healthy nails.
Not suitable for
You should refrain from treatment if you have fungal diseases, diabetes or skin problems.
Before treatment
Avoid clinical treatments or surgeries before manicure.
During treatment
Relax and enjoy the process.
After treatment
Give your nails time to dry.
Individual incompatibilities may occur
20 €


Allow enough time for the varnish to dry after the treatment. It is also important that you inform our staff about possible allergies when making the appointment. You should not have your nails painted before surgical procedures.


We use only high quality products for treatment, including Ecliar, Didier, CND, Comfort zone, Oribe, Neonail, Musa (for allergy sufferers).

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