Sandra von GneisenaU

Managing Director & Stylist

Sandra von Gneisenau - Managing Director & Stylist
Sandra, managing director and stylist of Sandra von Gneisenau Salon, embodies a blend of technical expertise and a deep understanding of individual needs. She began her professional career in exclusive salons in Munich, where she earned her master's degree and rose to management positions. These early successes laid the foundation for a career characterized by her craftsmanship, ranging from accurate haircuts to specialized techniques such as balayage and tape extensions. It is not only these technical skills that characterize Sandra. Her intuition and sense for the right style for each guest is an essential part of her work.

At certain stages of her career, she encountered environments where the spotlight often overshadowed real talent. These experiences led to reflections on the true value of authenticity and genuine connections and ultimately to the creation of her salon, where she realized her ideas of quality, relaxation and interpersonal relationships.

Active listening is a priority for Sandra. This allows her to understand the wishes and needs of her guests and create a tailor-made experience. This principle of listening and understanding is also important to her in her team, creating a working atmosphere in which each member can fully develop their uniqueness and skills.

As Managing Director, Sandra attaches great importance to quality. For the Sandra von Gneisenau Salon, she has therefore selected only the best products that meet her high standards. This is also reflected in the overall salon experience: a luxurious and personalized experience at eye level, yet deeply rooted in professional craftsmanship.

With her extensive experience, enhanced by working with national and international celebrities from film, television, public life as well as bloggers and social media, Sandra ensures that every client feels welcomed and cared for not only on the outside, but also on the inside. The confidence her guests have in her abilities is a testament to her ongoing commitment to combining beauty, relaxation and style.

At Sandra von Gneisenau Salon, it's not just a haircut or a color change that is offered, but an all-encompassing experience of excellence and expertise. In short, for those looking for first-class service, a relaxed atmosphere and personalized advice, Sandra von Gneisenau Salon offers just that - an interplay of artisanal excellence and genuine warmth, backed by Sandra's recognized expertise and the trustworthiness she has earned through her diverse experience and media presence.
Sandra von Gneisenau - Managing Director

Expertise & Collaboration

Photo event with Manfred Baumann and Jan Hartmann
Sandra works with star photographer Manfred Baumann and actor Jan Hartmann as part of an exclusive photo session
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with Phiaka and Sandra on Spotify, in which Sandra takes part as an expert on blonde tones.
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- music video by rapper Shindy
salon's style and elegance made it the location for the music video "Geld machen jung".
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- Stories from a shoe store by Emilija Pavloviky
von Gneisenau Salon is mentioned in the book because the author was enthusiastic about the salon and its staff.
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11/2020 - Styling Quickies - Beautiful hair in 5 minutes
as beauty expert for styling tips

‍Youtube- Westwing
created a video about the style of the salon, impressed by its interior and atmosphere.
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