Eyelash lift
Eyelashes and eyebrows lifting

Eyebrows lifting

Bring your eyebrows to life with our special eyebrow lift including tinting. This quick, 60-minute service transforms your eyebrows and enhances your facial expression in a stunning way.

What is an eyebrow lift? It is a semi-permanent process that bends your fine hairs upward to create a fuller and more effective volume. Lasting 4-6 weeks, it offers the perfect solution to achieve denser, sculpted and contoured brows. What's particularly attractive is that there are virtually no pre-treatment requirements. You simply come to your appointment without makeup and let us do the rest.

Ready for your very own "wow effect"? Book your eyebrow lift treatment today and experience the difference a professionally shaped and colored brow arch can make!

Treatment profile

Shaped and denser eyebrows
How long does the result last
4-6 weeks
Treatment duration
60 minutes
Socially acceptable
Immediately after treatment
Suitable for
Anyone who wants denser and defined eyebrows
Not suitable for
Persons with certain skin diseases (consultation required)
Before treatment
It is best to come without makeup
During treatment
It is best to come without makeup
After treatment
Avoid water and makeup for 24 hours
This service does not entail any significant risks
92 €


Keep your newly styled brows in shape with daily combing. If the result wears off, a brow gel can help.


We use high-quality, skin-friendly products to ensure your brows get the best look possible.

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