Our glossing gives your hair new shine and extra luminosity. Whether you want fine, shimmering color enhancements or want to shade out unwanted color casts - the gentle process ensures natural shine effects.

Unlike tinting, glossing does not permanently color the hair, but provides a temporary and natural color enhancement. It's a great way to refresh hair and add shine without committing to a long-term color change that doesn't look bold.

Glossing can be used for different starting situations. For example, in addition to dark hair, it can also be used on gray hair or blonde hair.

Glossing for gray hair uses a special color treatment to brighten hair and give it a beautiful shine. It's a great way to make gray hair look more vibrant and radiant.

Glossing for blonde hair can help to refresh the color tone and give the hair extra shine and shade out unwanted golden tones.

Glossing is suitable for everyone and is a great option to give your hair a refreshing shine. Make an appointment today and let our professional hairdressers advise and pamper you.

Treatment profile

The result is refreshed color, beautiful shine and shading of unwanted color casts
How long does the result last
Glossing usually lasts about 4 weeks
Treatment duration
The treatment usually takes about 1-2 hours
Socially acceptable
You are immediately socially ready again with a refreshed look
Suitable for
This service is suitable for everyone and applicable without specific restrictions.
Not suitable for
This service is suitable for all without restrictions.
Before treatment
Before this service you do not need to pay attention to anything
During treatment
Relax and let our experienced hairdresser perform the glossing process
After treatment
To maintain the result we recommend regular refreshing of the glossing
No specific risks are known
55 - 95 €


We recommend regular touch-ups every 4 weeks to maintain the color intensity and shine of the gloss. In addition, we recommend the use of color masks to protect the hair color between treatments and maintain the shine. A conditioner is an absolute must to keep the pigments in the hair while moisturizing and neutralizing the hair after shampooing. By regularly using hair conditioners, you can give your hair back the moisture it needs and keep it healthy and shiny. Our team is at your disposal to give you more care tips and recommendations for your glossing


Our treatment uses high quality products from Redken Shades to give you the best glossing result.

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