Discover the subtle art of hair tinting. We offer you holistic advice that goes far beyond simply applying color. Our experienced hairdressers work closely with you to develop an individual color concept that perfectly suits your type, your personal style and your needs.

Our carefully selected, high-quality color products and our gentle tinting process guarantee impressive and long-lasting results. Whether you want to enhance your look with a new shade or tint gray hair, we have the right solution for you. For bleached hair, we recommend our special glossing process, which you can find separately in our service overview.

Special circumstances such as pregnancy require special attention. You will find comprehensive information and recommendations in the "Tips" section.

Let our expertise convince you and experience how a professional tint not only changes your hair color, but also your appearance.

Treatment profile

a professional tint that meets your requirements
How long does the result last
The tint usually remains for 4-8 hair washes before it is gradually washed out. Our colleagues recommend shampooing only the roots and sparing the lengths to prolong the durability of the tint
Treatment duration
Tinting usually takes 90 minutes to 2 hours to achieve an optimum result.
Socially acceptable
After the treatment you will be immediately socially acceptable, with a new fascinating hair color
Suitable for
Our tinting service is generally available to all customers over the age of 16.
Not suitable for
Persons under 16 years of age and persons with allergies to hydrogen peroxide or dyes.
Before treatment
It is recommended that your hair is not extremely oily or full of styling products to ensure good adhesion of the tint.
During treatment
During the application time of the tint it is important not to touch the color in order to achieve an even result
After treatment
Use suitable products specifically designed for tinted hair to make the color last longer and provide optimal care for the hair. Our colleagues also recommend the regular use of conditioner after each hair wash and the use of color masks to keep the tint fresh longer.
There are risks of allergic reactions or skin rashes during tinting. Please inform us about any allergies to hydrogen peroxide or dyes.
80 - 145 €


Continue the care instructions at home and use a conditioner after each hair wash to keep the hair color fresh longer.

Use color masks to refresh the tint and moisturize the hair.

Shampoo only the roots and spare the lengths to prolong the durability of the tint.

During pregnancy, it is generally recommended to postpone hair coloring until the second trimester. As pregnancy changes many things about the body, including the hair, it may be that the hair reacts differently to the usual hair dyes. Therefore, it is safest to wait until after pregnancy if this is the case. If you have any questions or concerns, our experienced hairdressers are at your disposal. They will be happy to advise you and help you find the safest and most suitable solution for you.


Our experienced hairdressers use high quality products from Newsha and Redken during the treatment to give you the best result.

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