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Cutting / blow dry / styling

Our service offers you individual advice and precise haircuts that perfectly match your lifestyle. We transform your ideas into sustainable and long-lasting cuts with a wide range of styling options.

A key element of hair care and styling is cutting your hair regularly. Cutting keeps your hair healthy, prevents split ends and helps to maintain your desired length. How often you have your hair cut depends on your hair type and lifestyle. For short hairstyles, experts recommend a visit to the hairdresser every six weeks. For long, healthy and shiny hair, cutting appointments every six to eight weeks are ideal. People with curly hair can limit their hairdresser visits to once or twice a year, as long as the ends stay in shape and the ends are cut. However, for those of you who often color or heat style your hair, we recommend a haircut every four weeks to minimize damage and allow your hair to grow back healthy.

Styling and blow drying hair is an art that we have mastered. Whether your hair is short, curly, straight, thick or medium length, our experienced stylists know how to style and blow dry your hair in the best way. For example, you can choose a playful French braid for short hair or a voluminous side parting for thick hair. Simple looks like the sleek look or side bangs can also enhance your natural beauty. For a bold and modern look, you could opt for a fringed short fringe. Accessories like hair clips and hair bands can add an extra accent to your styling.

Our goal is to create styling that fits your personality and look. Come see us and discover the endless possibilities your hair can offer. We look forward to welcoming you to our salon.

Treatment profile

You will experience improved hair texture through precise cutting and styling that suits your personality.
How long does the result last
The result usually lasts from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your hair care habits.
Treatment duration
The treatment usually takes about 1 hour.
Socially acceptable
After the treatment you will be immediately socially ready, with improved hair styling.
Suitable for
The service is suitable for all, regardless of hair type and length.
Not suitable for
This service is suitable for all without restrictions.
Before treatment
Think about what you want and share it with our hairdresser.
During treatment
Relax and trust our stylist to cut and style your hair with precision
After treatment
Follow the care instructions given to you by our hairdresser to maintain the styling result and take optimum care of your hair.
This service does not entail any significant risks
115 - 145 €


Even with long hair, it is advisable to make an appointment with us every 6 to 8 weeks for cutting, blow-drying and styling in order to trim the hair and counteract split ends in the long term.

Continue the care instructions at home and use a conditioner or conditioner after each hair wash.

Follow the blow-drying and styling tips from our stylists to style your hair to perfection.

Plan enough time for your visit with us to fully enjoy the experience of a spa hair salon.


We use high quality products from Oribe and Newsha to give you the best result.

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