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Hydra Memory

Discover the fountain of youth for your skin - with the unique Hydra Memory moisturizing treatment, tired, dry and dull skin becomes a relic of the past. This deeply effective pampering programme revitalizes and revives your skin and rekindles its natural radiance.

The effects of a lack of moisture and dehydration can affect your skin in many ways. But with our special Hydra Memory treatment, enriched with selected, top-class products from Comfort Zone and Reviderm, you can turn your back on skin stress. We restore your skin's harmonious moisture balance and actively counteract skin ageing. We provide your skin with luxurious deep hydration through concentrated intensive care consisting of exfoliation and gentle lactic acid. A rich serum and a protective mask complete the treatment to ensure a long-lasting protective effect.

 We offer the treatment as treatment of

  • Comfort zone - Hydra Memory with ICE Roller for cryo effect
  • Reviderm - Hydration Treatment


Give your skin a well-deserved break. Experience how our Hydra Memory moisturizing treatment breathes new life into your skin and gives it a youthful glow. Don't hesitate and book your personalized treatment today. It's time for your skin to glow from the inside out.

Treatment profile

Revitalized skin enriched with moisture
How long does the result last
Approx. 4 weeks
Treatment duration
30 minutes (short) / 60 minutes (normal)
Socially acceptable
Immediately after treatment
Suitable for
This service is suitable for everyone and applicable without specific restrictions.
Not suitable for
Pregnancy (because of the lactic acid)
Before treatment
Please come without makeup
During treatment
Relax and enjoy
After treatment
Avoid direct sunlight, drink plenty of fluids, no makeup
This service does not entail any significant risks
120 €


Drink plenty of water, avoid intense sun exposure and use a good sunscreen. A balanced diet also supports the health of your skin.


In the treatment we use high quality products of the brands Comfort Zone and Reviderm.

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