Filling with French or varnish
Paraffin bath


In the digital age, our hands are under constant strain, whether it's from computer work, housework or sporting activities. Our luxurious hand peeling treatment not only offers you a welcome break from your routine, but also leads to deep skin renewal and revitalization.

Thanks to Comfort Zone's premium exfoliating paste, complemented by specially selected oils such as tea tree oil and Oribe products, your skin is not only gently cleansed but also intensively nourished. Experience how your skin is transformed and feels youthfully soft and elastic again. Our skincare experts will ensure that you experience an incomparable skin sensation that lasts far beyond the treatment.

Tip: Maximize your skin care experience by combining our hand scrub with our exclusive luxury spa manicure.

Arrange your personal appointment for a hand peel now to experience the comprehensive skin renewal and the associated benefits for yourself!

Treatment profile

Your hands become softer and the skin is better able to absorb moisture and active ingredients.
How long does the result last
You can enjoy the positive effects for up to 5 days.
Treatment duration
The treatment only takes 5 to 10 minutes of your time.
Socially acceptable
You can resume your usual activities immediately after the treatment.
Suitable for
This treatment is universally suitable.
Not suitable for
People with hand injuries or skin diseases should refrain from this treatment.
Before treatment
It is advisable to arrive with uninjured hands, as the peeling grains can otherwise cause pain.
During treatment
Let yourself go and enjoy the relaxing effect of the treatment.
After treatment
Regular care by applying hand cream is recommended.
Too frequent exfoliation is not recommended in order to avoid skin injuries.
20 €


After the hand peeling treatment, it is essential to provide the skin with the necessary nutrients. Especially as the skin is more receptive to moisture and care products after exfoliation. This not only helps to maintain the results achieved, but also prevents the skin from drying out. It is also advisable to apply UV protection in summer to minimize the risk of pigmentation spots. Finally, we recommend that you exfoliate your hands regularly to continuously promote cell renewal.


We rely on the proven brands Comfort Zone, Tea Tree Oil and Obire to offer you the best results.

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