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Paraffin bath

Experience an intensive care treatment that goes far beyond conventional hand and foot care. Our kerosene bath offers an exclusive method for revitalizing dry, rough skin. In just 20 minutes, we give your hands or feet intense suppleness. Immerse yourself in a warm kerosene bath and enjoy the relaxing warmth that intensively moisturizes your skin.

After a gentle mask, your hands or feet are dipped three times in the warm kerosene and carefully wrapped. The gentle warmth opens the pores so that the moisture can penetrate deep into the skin. The effect is immediately noticeable: Your skin feels extremely soft and supple.

Tip: For maximum results, we recommend using the kerosene bath regularly. Your skin will thank you for it. Combine your kerosene bath treatment with our luxury spa manicure for comprehensive care

Make your appointment now for a luxurious kerosene bath and enjoy velvety soft skin like never before.

Treatment profile

Your hands or feet feel extremely soft.
How long does the result last
The result lasts up to 5 days.
Treatment duration
The treatment takes about 20 minutes.
Socially acceptable
You are immediately socially acceptable again.
Suitable for
The treatment is suitable for everyone.
Not suitable for
People with infections or open wounds should avoid this treatment.
Before treatment
Make sure that there are no open wounds or bacterial or fungal infections.
During treatment
Keep as still as possible so that the kerosene does not crumble.
After treatment
No special measures are required.
There are no known risks.
25 €


Wait a while after the kerosene bath before using any other skin care products.

Use the kerosene bath regularly to continuously moisturize the skin.

With regular use, your skin will not only become smoother, but will also smell pleasant.


For our kerosene bath, we use special kerosene waxes that have been dermatologically tested. These are particularly kind to the skin and provide your skin with the necessary nutrients.

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