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Nail repair

A torn nail can be painful and make everyday life more difficult. Our quick and efficient nail repair offers a remedy. This ten-minute treatment per nail is used to repair slightly torn nails in men and women. By applying a layer of gel, the nail can grow out safely without any further damage.

Treatment profile

After the ten-minute treatment, the nail is repaired and stabilized.
How long does the result last
The duration of the result depends on how carefully you handle the repaired nail.
Treatment duration
The treatment takes about 10 minutes per nail.
Socially acceptable
You are ready for socializing immediately after the treatment.
Suitable for
This treatment is suitable for everyone.
Not suitable for
The treatment is not suitable if infections are present or the nail is already deeply torn.
Before treatment
No special preparations are required for this treatment.
During treatment
No special precautions are required during treatment.
After treatment
After the treatment, you should handle the treated hand with particular care.
There are no risks associated with this treatment.
15 €


You should be particularly careful with acrylic nails, as they can tear quickly if damaged. If nails are already torn, you should not postpone the repair.


We only use high-quality products from the Dideir brand for this treatment.

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