Spa manicure with shellac
Japanese manicure

Shellac / modeling peel off incl. manicure

Discover a comprehensive care and removal treatment for your nails with our Shellac / nail polish removal service including manicure. Whether you want Shellac removal or nail modeling removal, we offer you a thorough and gentle treatment that will give your nails a fresh, well-groomed look.

In the first step, either the Shellac is removed professionally or the modeling is removed efficiently, depending on which service you require. When removing Shellac, 80% of the Shellac is first milled off by machine, the rest is carefully filed and your nails are then treated with high-quality care products. When removing the modeling, we remove acrylic or gel modeling gently and efficiently so that your natural nails are revealed.

We then pamper your hands with a luxurious spa manicure that revitalizes your skin and professionally cares for your nails. Our manicure treatment includes removing dirt and dead skin cells, improving circulation and preventing fungal nail infections. By using first-class care products, your hands and nails will receive the care they deserve.

Treatment profile

Well-groomed, natural nails, ready for a new design as desired.
How long does the result last
until the next nail treatment
Treatment duration
The treatment takes about 1.5 hours.
Socially acceptable
You are immediately socially acceptable again.
Suitable for
The treatment is suitable for everyone.
Not suitable for
People with injuries or infections on their hands should refrain from this treatment.
Before treatment
Make sure that there are no injuries or diseases on the nails.
During treatment
Relax and let us know your preferences and concerns.
After treatment
Please follow the care instructions.
Minor injuries and incompatibilities are possible.
85 €


Make sure that your own nail is not damaged. If you do not want a new Shellac, you should polish the nail after the treatment.

Regular care and the use of a good hand cream can maintain the health and beauty of your nails. Sufficient water intake and avoiding aggressive soaps also contribute to the health of your hands and nails.


Our experienced experts use first-class care products such as Comfort Zone and Oribe to pamper your hands and feet"

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