New modeling with gel (French / varnish) (incl. manicure)
Filling with French or varnish

Fill nature

Regular replenishment helps to keep your nails in a well-groomed condition for a long time. In this treatment we focus on the essentials: Filling the material and sanding the top layer.

We use only high quality products from Eclair or Dedier to give you a permanent and natural appearance. This treatment lasts about an hour and the result, with proper care, lasts 3-4 weeks.

Make an appointment now and experience the difference a professional fill-in can make.

Treatment profile

The result is freshly filled, natural nails.
How long does the result last
With proper care, the result lasts between 3 and 4 weeks.
Treatment duration
This treatment takes about an hour
Socially acceptable
You are ready for socializing immediately after the treatment.
Suitable for
This treatment is suitable for most people
Not suitable for
People with nail diseases and infections
Before treatment
No special preparations are required before treatment.
During treatment
No special precautions are necessary during treatment.
After treatment
In the first three hours after the treatment you should not go to the sauna or take a hot bath.
The main risk is that some nails cannot be filled and must be completely remodeled.
80 €


Regular filling of your nails will not only help them always look perfect, but also protect them from possible damage. In addition, we recommend that you have the filling done only by professionally trained specialists in order to achieve the best result.

Good skin care is recommended to prevent the skin around the nail from appearing dry.


For refilling we use only high quality products from Eclair or Dedier.

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