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Experience a rejuvenating treatment for your back with our special Nice-to-Back treatment. This treatment promises a unique blend of care and cleansing for your back, an area that is often neglected in everyday life.

Daily life can take a toll on our backs not only physically, but cosmetically as well. Blemished skin, pimples and tension can be a sign that your back is in need of increased care. With our specialized Nice-to-Back back cleansing treatment, this area of your body can be revitalized. This treatment is more than a simple cosmetic treatment. It is a comprehensive care treatment that strengthens the skin's structure and thoroughly cleanses the skin to best prepare it for future swefts. During the treatment, which lasts about 45 minutes, we use first-class products from Comfort Zone and Reviderm.

In the end, Nice-to-Back is the optimal solution to get a well-groomed, cleansed and strengthened back. Whether it's due to impurities, pimples or simply because you want to give your back a break, Nice-to-Back has the potential to boost your well-being. To maintain the results, this treatment should be repeated regularly. Book your "Nice-to-Back" treatment now and experience a new feeling of purity and care for your back. Pamper your back with our special cleansing treatment. The journey to improve your back skin starts here and now - with Nice-to-Back.

Treatment profile

Cleaned and groomed back
How long does the result last
Should be repeated regularly
Treatment duration
approx. 45 minutes
Socially acceptable
May be reddened for a few days
Suitable for
Impure skin and pimples on the back
Not suitable for
This service is suitable for all without restrictions.
Before treatment
Before this service you do not need to pay attention to anything
During treatment
May feel uncomfortable
After treatment
Not directly into the sauna, steam bath, sun
This service does not entail any significant risks
80 €


For optimal results, we recommend regular use of exfoliation and brush massage, as well as the use of mild shower gel.

After the treatment the skin might be red for a few days. To achieve the best possible result, we recommend that you do not go directly to the sauna, steam bath or sun after the treatment.


For the Nice-to-Back treatment, we use products from Comfort Zone and Reviderm to achieve the best possible results for your skin.

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