Eye Treatment

We all know the challenge: the demands of everyday life, pulled all-nighters and constant presence in front of screens leave their mark. But now you can decisively counteract these signs. Discover our Eye Treatment that will make your skin glow and give you a refreshingly awake expression.

With our specialized Eye Treatment, we get to grips with your sensitive eye area. Whether stress or lack of sleep - we let the visible signs of everyday life fade. We pamper the sensitive skin around your eyes with a coordinated mix of exquisite serums, soothing pads and gentle care. The result? A radiant look and an overall skin well-being that you will feel.

For the final touch at home, we recommend using our Eye Patches once a week and applying eye care daily in the morning and evening. We rely on the high-quality products from Comfort Zone and Reviderm to achieve the best results for your skin. It's time to pamper yourself and give your eyes the care they deserve.

Say goodbye to dark circles and welcome rejuvenation. Book your personalized eye treatment now and experience how we make your eyes shine.

Treatment profile

Intensively nourished eyes and a radiant eye area
How long does the result last
2-4 weeks
Treatment duration
30 minutes
Socially acceptable
Immediately after treatment
Suitable for
This service is suitable for everyone and applicable without specific restrictions.
Not suitable for
This service is suitable for all without restrictions.
Before treatment
To ensure that your treatment has the best possible effect, we ask you to refrain from wearing eye make-up before the treatment
During treatment
Relax and enjoy the care
After treatment
Avoid makeup and sauna sessions
This service does not entail any significant risks
47 €


For optimal care at home, use our eye patches once a week and apply eye care daily in the morning and evening.


We use high quality products from Comfort Zone and Reviderm to achieve the best results.

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